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Water Insulation Products
Foundations and Other Concrete Structures
Waterproofing Products in Wet Areas, Terraces and Balconies.
Floor Application Products
Industrial Storage Areas,
Parking Lot, Residential, Floor Covering, Grout and Anchorage Products.
Technical Mortar Products
For Technical and Industrial Applications
High Strength Repair Products.
Concrete Admixture & Primer and Mould Separator Products
For Concrete Applications
Water Impermeability, Adherence Enhancer and Implementation Facilitator Products.
Thermal Insulation Products
Exterior Thermal Insulation Systems
Fire, Sound Insulation, EPS and Rock Wool Thermal Insulation Products
Tile Adhesive Products
Interior and Exterior facades
Ceramic, Granite, Marble and Porcelain Tile Adhesive Products.
Tile Grout Products
Interior and Exterior facades
Tile Grout Products in Ceramic, Granite and Marble Applications.
Other Products
For Thermal Insulation System Applications
Dowel, Mesh and Angle Products.

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ST Robot Investments Magazine October 2018 Interview
Myfix Construction Chemicals offer solutions for the construction sector, which is considered one of Turkeys leading field, robot investments made with increasing production speed. Myfix Construction Chemicals General Manager Uğur Yıldız says that, they have been using robots on the production line ...
Global Warming and Thermal Insulation
Experts are saying with a louder voice every day that our ever-increasing need for energy will make our lives easier, but if not used efficiently, our world will face with enormous problems.We can show "air pollution" as the main cause of the global warming, which is defined as the phenomenon of increasing ...
How to prepare cement mortar?
Mortar comes in the form of dough, which is used to connect building stones such as bricks and stones to each other in the construction of any building. The mortar is also used to plaster the walls and ceilings. If you are wondering how ready cement mortar will be prepared, let us respond immediately. ...
Second Çanakkale Trip
05/30/2015 MYFIX Canakkale trip was done....
Cemile Sultan Iftar Organisation
We held on June 13, 2017. Thanks to our guests who attended the iftar program to our invitation....
A few bricks for leukemia (LÖSEV)...
April 29, 2014 A few bricks for leukemia (LÖSEV)....
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